Expungement Lawyer | Restoring Firearm Rights

Most people understand that to have their firearm rights restored they've got to get in touch with an expungement lawyer to help them out. And they are right in thinking that. Firearm right restoration is a lot like the expungement process in that you have to meet a bunch of requirements, petition the court, and then convince the court that your rights should be restored.

First, there are certain crimes that carry with it an automatic loss of rights to own a firearm. One of those is being convicted of a crime of domestic violence. The legislature thought it would be a good idea to prohibit people from having guns that have at one time or another had trouble with a spouse or family member.

The bad thing about being convicted of a crime of domestic violence is that there are federal rules that stand in the way too. This means that even if you get the state to restore your firearm rights there is a chance you could still be prohibited from owning a or possessing a gun through the federal government. Again, this is why it's important to get an expungement attorney to help you navigate what can be a very tricky process.

In it's most basic terms, the washington firearms restoration process is a lot like the Washington expungement process. You have to have completed your sentence (including probation and paying off fines), a certain amount of time has to have passed between the time your sentence was complete and when you ask for your rights to be restored, you have to have been convicted of a crime that allows for those rights to be restored (murder, etc. not going to do it), and you have to have stayed out of trouble in the interim. If you've done that, you may be eligible to own a gun again.

I know how important hunting is to some people. That's why we are devoted to helping every person get their firearm rights back that is eligible. If you think you've got a chance to get your guns back, give us a call. We'll check it out for you.

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